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Destiny Church is a network of simple churches of broken people who love Jesus. We take our motto to heart:

Help wanted: Desperate sinners transformed by Jesus to start a revolution. Inquire within.

Where Do You Meet?

We meet in homes, on streets, in businesses, and anywhere people can gather. We have no set locations, and don’t typically broadcast where these groups are. As of 1/15/14, there are 46 groups and churches that meet in 6 states.

We don’t broadcast locations because it would probably benefit you more to start right where you’re at! Contact us and we’ll get you started!

Who Does This?

There’s a bunch of us. Really, you’d probably never realize a person is a part of one except by the change in their life. This was started by Doug and Kelly Black who live in Philly? click to see more

What Does Simple Church Look Like?

A group of people get together, love each other the way the Bible talks about (praying with, talking to, eating with…see Luke 10 for more), read the Bible, choose to obey what it tells us and shares itself with the neighborhood! It’s called a Discovery Bible Study! click to see more

Why Simple Church?

We believe that is the best atmosphere to practice loving one another according to what the Bible says. Really, it don’t matter where you get together, just that you do what Jesus says (read more below).

How Can I Start?

Contact us with the info above! We’ll be glad to meet with you and talk about following Jesus!

What Do You Do?

Destiny Church helps people find God right where they are! This means that we help you know God in your home with your family, in a bar, under a bridge, anywhere you can gather people!

Let Us Know Who You Are

We will be putting all of our training materials up online as part of project:megalopolis. Stay tuned.

project: megalopolis info video

Destiny Church believes that finances are used best to send missionaries, local and abroad, and help those in need. In fact, in 2014 over 80% of our donations did just that!

Here’s your chance to give!

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